Saturday, August 29, 2009



Progress ! Prosper !! with Constructive Energy of Atom !!!
Down ! Dawn !! with Destructive Evils of Atom Bomb Devil !!!

(Atom Bomb Grandppa)

I am Anugundu Thatha (M.K.Savundappan), Aged 84, residing in Tirupur Town, Tamil Nadu, India. I started my carrier in Textile Business. Later I diverted myself to Political Activities for few years. At my 55th Age I got interested in spiritual activities.
My main aim his to eradicate nuclear bombs from this planet through Ahimsha (Non-Vilonent) means. I organized many functions to motivate people against nukes. In 1986 I written Songs related to eradicate Anugundu Arakkan which can be easily sung by children. I visited many schools and produced my Lecturers.
I had published a book named "Ulaga Amaithi" world peace. In this book I had mentioned all dangers of nukes and movies.

We pray God Anuveeswara Siva, Vishnu, Allah, Nabi, Jesus, Muruga, Rama, Krishna, All Gods in all Countries Gandhi and Parasakthi to eradicate the Demon of Atombombs and rectify its thousands of armies and promote friendship and peace among the citizens of the world.
President : Atombomb Grandppa,

Muruga Ram (Anugundu) Bazan, Vadhabacheri, Palladam Tk,
Coimbatore – 641 669. Tirupur to Pollachi Road. India.

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